Pet Myths Debunked

Pet Myths Debunked

Pet Myths


There are lots of myths out there about our furry friends, and we want to take the time to debunk some of them. While myths are fun to think about and cause us to have questions, it’s important for us to know the truth about our pets. As a vet Raleigh NC we’ve been asked a lot of these questions over the years, so we thought it was time to help separate fact from fiction.

Dog Myths

There are plenty of myths out there about man’s best friend. As your local vet Raleigh NC we want to help owners know as much about their furry companions as possible. It’s important to understand how your dog thinks, feels, and learns so you can be the best companion you can be. Here are some of our most asked myth questions to help set the record straight –

Q: Can dogs see in black and white?

A: Dogs can see color as vibrantly as we do. They tend to see in shades of blue, yellow, and green. Their vision is a little blurry in brighter light, but they make up for any sight disadvantages with their strong sense of smell

Q: Can you teach an old dog new tricks?

A: Certainly! It may not be as easy to teach an older dog new tricks but with a little bit of work and attention, any dog can learn a new trick.

Q: Is one dog year equal to seven human years?

A: Dogs do age more quickly than humans, but the 1:7 ratio isn’t quite accurate for all dog breeds. Most of the time, the bigger the breed, the faster they age.

Cat Myths

While cats are hard to read at times, it’s important to know as much about your feline pet as possible. Your local vet Raleigh NC believes that taking care of your cat means learning about them and their behaviors so you can have the best relationship possible. Here’s some of our favorite frequently asked myth questions about cats –

Q: Do cats always land on their feet?

A: Although cats have an uncanny air-righting reflex that allows them to correct their bodies as they fall, they don’t always land on their feet. Depending on the height of the fall, cats may land on their sides or on their feet but could incur some injuries as a result. It’s important to check your cat for any injuries after a lofty fall, like from a tree or the roof of a house.

Q: Do cats only purr when they’re happy?

A: While it’s true cats purr when they’re happy, it’s not the only reason they purr. They also purr when they’re frightened, feel unwell, or are in pain to help provide a sense of comfort for themselves.

Q: Do all cats hate water?

A: Most cats don’t like to get in the water, but there are some exceptions. Cats can swim if they have to, but they prefer not to get wet. It could be because it takes a while for their fur to dry out, or maybe because they’re less agile when wet. Originally, cats evolved in desert areas, where there were little to no water sources around. That could explain their inherent distaste towards the water.

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