Preventing Your Pet’s Separation Anxiety

Preventing Your Pet’s Separation Anxiety

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Your pet is an undeniable part of your family that depends on you for moral support. Pet owners must realize that their pets are actually much more dependent on them than they are on their pets. Your pet’s life will revolve around you!

This can lead to separation anxiety when you are away. But fear not; separation anxiety is totally natural and can be dealt with very easily.

Preventing Separation Anxiety in Pets


Remember when you were scared to talk to people when you were a child? This is very similar with pets. Complete Pet Care, vet Wake Forest NC, highly recommends socializing your pet young as it helps with separation anxiety. Your pet becomes more confident as it meets different people and their pets. It also teaches them the correct coping skills when you are not around.

Crate Training

Whether you want to continue using the crate for a long time or not, it is important that you create a safe space for your pet. A crate is beneficial as it can help your pet get used to small spaces. This will come in handy when you want to travel with your pet somewhere. Our vet Wake Forest NC recommends crate training in order to reduce your pet’s separation anxiety.

Teach Pets How to be Alone

Start by leaving your pet alone for a few minutes, then extend the time period. This way, your pet can figure out how to behave when they are unsupervised. Reprimand them for any bad behavior and slowly leave them for a longer time.

With time, this process can allow you to leave your pet unsupervised for some time. Since your pet cannot accompany you everywhere, it is best that you train them to be alone. Our vet Wake Forest NC highly suggests this.

Calm Departures and Arrivals

You do not need to announce that you are leaving or have arrived each time you exit your home. Having calm departures and arrivals helps to reduce anxiety or excitement when you leave your home. Our vet Wake Forest NC suggests that you start doing this when your pet is at a young age.


Stimulating toys are great for pets when they are alone; they keep them busy and they forget that you are not there! Our animal hospital and vet Wake Forest NC recommends leaving some toys for your pet to play with when you are not around.

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At Complete Pet Care, the best vet Wake Forest NC, we understand that it can be difficult to leave your pet alone. It can also be difficult to train them to behave when left unsupervised. It takes hard work and dedication! If you will be absent for a long period of time and need to find care for your pet, check out our doggie day care. Your dog will get plenty of exercise and socialization, as well as ample time to rest and recharge. Contact us today!

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