Taking Care of Your Senior Pet

Taking Care of Your Senior Pet

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As your dog ages and embarks on their senior years, it’s important to note that their health becomes more prominent, and their vet visits may become more frequent. You may be wondering at what point does your pet become a senior? Every dog is different, but certain factors play a role in how fast your dog ages, like your dog’s breed, genetics, nutrition, and environment. Our animal care Raleigh NC team at Complete Animal Care Hospital can help you determine when your dog has reached its senior years and provide some tips on the best way to take care of them.


Every dog is different, but as they get older, they have the potential to develop health issues that require our attention. Some dogs may develop arthritis or another degenerative disease that can slow them down or make them tire more easily. They may have difficulty getting up or jumping into your vehicle or become apprehensive about going down a set of stairs. Our objective as your animal care Raleigh NC is to help your pet maintain mobility in its senior years.

Dental Care

Regular dental care is essential to keep your pet’s teeth clean, gums strong, and help prolong their life. Just like it’s important for humans to practice good oral hygiene, it’s equally as important for your pet. Poor canine oral health can contribute to serious heart, lung, liver, kidney, and brain ailments as they continue to age. Proper oral health is vital to keep your pet healthy and ensure their toothy grin continues to last. Regular check-ups and a healthy diet can help keep their teeth clean and decrease the likelihood of developing severe issues.

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Senior pets, like senior humans, generally need a little more medical attention, even if they appear healthy. Regular physical exams, dental cleanings, grooming, and diagnostic medicine are just a few ways we recommend to keep your senior pet healthy. Our animal care Raleigh NC and the team at Complete Pet Care provide high-quality senior pet care. We’re prepared to examine your senior pet’s unique needs to help manage and minimize chronic illnesses to keep them vibrant and full of life for as long as possible. Contact us today so we can help take care of your senior pet today!

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