Jess and I would like to thank the people at Falls Pointe for providing a lifetime of fantastic care for our dog Photon. I brought her to Dr. Conley as a 5-month-old stray puppy, and over the next 14 years, he along with everyone at the hospital were instrumental in helping us maintain her good health and overall welfare. Dr. Conley is an amazing surgeon, rebuilding her damaged knee, removing suspicious (to me, anyway!) lumps and bumps, and performing delicate eye surgery- all to great success. Another big favorite of Photon’s was Paul Booms, who provided her with expert laser therapy. Not only did she shower him with dog kisses after each treatment (ample evidence that he made her feel better), he became her favorite reason in the world to get in the car. Paul also came with Dr. Thames when it came time to say goodbye to our beloved girl, and we can never thank them enough for insuring her comfort and treating her and us with such dignity, compassion, and respect. So, thank you for being her home away from home when needed, our doctors, pet counselors, and most importantly, our friends, and we will be back when another pair of loving eyes with four paws adopts Jess and me.